BREAKING: Trump Employee Who Has Dirt On Trump Reveals His Family Was Assaulted

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One of Donald Trump‘s former employees claims that his wife and 12-year old son was assaulted after he threatened to expose some damaging information against the Trump organization, according to logged FBI records of the family’s account and court filings.

This incident is just one in a pattern of alleged crimes by Trump surrogates who in the past have been accused of intimidating and assaulting their boss’s perceived enemies.

A bankruptcy lawyer who once represented investors for Trump Entertainment Resorts said that he had gotten a threatening phone call telling him “if you keep fucking with Mr. Trump, we know where you live, and we’re going to your house for your wife and kids.” According to the NYPD, a New York City housing commissioner told authorities that someone threatened his life after he refused to grant Trump a $20 million tax abatement when he was constructing Trump Tower. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, reportedly promised Daily Beast journalists that he would “mess your life up” before the publication of a story claiming that Trump’s first wife felt “violated” during sex.

Daut Bajrushi worked as a superintendent in charge of one of the Trump Tower buildings. Bajrushi claimed that he had evidence of “financial improprieties”  and other misdeeds conducted by the Trump Organization. The then-46-year-old was employed at Trump Palace, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He spent four years on the job before he allegedly received information implicating the Trump Organization committing massive fraud against homeowners to the tune of $300,000.

However, just days before he was to reveal this evidence to the Trump palace board members, Barjrushi became sick and sent his wife and son to his office to retrieve a few items. According to a suit Bajrushi later filed, while his wife and son were gathering the requested paperwork, someone used a screwdriver to break into his locked office. According to the Bajrushis, Trump’s security team rushed into the office, and the four men prevented Hatixbe Bajrushi and her son from leaving her husband’s office. The former superintendent claimed that Matthew Calamari, Trump’s then hulking head of security, shoved his son, while Trump’s brother-in-law James Grau interrogated the mother and child demanding to know what they were doing. Another guard, Michael Nicoll, allegedly pushed this family back when they made another attempt to leave. Grau then reportedly ripped Hatixbe’s purse from her and passed it to Calamari, Nicoll, and Domenic Pezzo who proceeded to search it.

Bajrushi claimed that the incident brought his son to tears as he watched his mother faint. However, she did manage to call her husband during the ordeal, who contacted his friend in the NYPD. According to the court filings, Calamari threatened harm to her family if they told the police about what transpired. The report states that after 90 minutes of terror, Hatixbe and her son were freed when the police arrived on the scene.

The White House refused to issue a statement about the incident, directing all questions to the Trump Organization.

“The allegations, from over 20 years ago, are completely inaccurate, ridiculous and utterly false,” a Trump Organization spokesperson wrote in a statement. “This individual was rightfully terminated following a thorough investigation.”

Like many lawsuits against Trump, Bajrushi’s case died as Trump’s legal team managed to stall as the family’s legal bills continued to grow each passing year.

You can read more about Bajrushi’s suit here.

While these allegations remain unproven in the court of law, it’s clear that there’s a disturbing pattern of charges involving physical and emotional violence by Trump’s surrogates on his behalf. Let’s hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller can bring about some measure of justice for all those who were victimized by Donald Trump.

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