CNN Accidentally Shows Highlight Reel Of How Utterly STUPID Trump Supporters Are (VIDEO)

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When CNN’s Randi Kaye embarked on her voyage to a Donald Trump rally in Melbourne, Florida the day after the first presidential debate, she probably didn’t think she would encounter such a deplorable group of individuals.

Kaye meant well, asking questions associated with the debate, and what Trump’s responses meant to those she interviewed.

All of the Trump supporters seemed to be in agreement — Trump did no wrong. He said all the right things. It was no big deal that he called women horrible names or criticized their race and weight. He was apparently absolutely on point to go after our first black president’s birth certificate. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t pay his taxes even though the rest of us do. And who cares that he profited off the housing crash as millions suffered.

It was a meeting of the mindless.

One Trump supporting, self-hating woman almost attacked Randi Kaye for asking her questions. This woman got very livid and insisted Kaye was for Hillary and that she should spend her time interviewing military people. Even though Trump has no military experience whatsoever and would likely launch WWIII, in turn deploying our brave men and women into more endless wars.

It probably wasn’t CNN’s intention to show a highlight reel of some of Trump’s most inept supporters, but they succeeded masterfully in doing so. Although, it probably doesn’t take that much effort considering if you are voting for Trump you’re not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed in the first place.

Watch the segment here:

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