Deplorable Trump Supporters Complain That ‘Blacks’ And Other Minorities Have ‘Too Many Rights’

At this point, saying that most Trump Republicans are displaced is indeed commonly understood, it doesn’t even seem like it’s necessary to say another word about it. However, it is still shocking to see only how racist they could be.

“I voted for him because I thought the blacks were getting on too much,” said Kevin Forester of Chattanooga, Tennessee. “I mean they’re everywhere. There was one in the White House, you see them all over ESPN. And you can’t move to a neighborhood to escape them,” he said.

These concerns that Black Americans have rights isn’t limited to Tennessee. Curtis Jennings of Little Rock eagerly voted for Trump because he feared that minorities had “too many rights” and “would outpace white men.”

“There used to be a time when white men were guaranteed good jobs,” said Jennings. “Now you have to compete with blacks, Mexicans, and women. And the women have the nerve to get mad when we say they have nice tits? Look at what happened to poor Bill O’Reilly?”

Yes. Poor Bill O’Reilly sexually assaulted several women and has been fired from Fox News even once they helped cover to cover this up. He retired with a golden parachute so large, it’s its own sexual assault allegations.

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For Emma Green, who cited data in the Public Religion Research Institution poll, the changing demographics of America are terrifying.

“Nearly two-thirds of the white working class say American culture has gotten worse since the 1950s. Sixty-eight percent say the U.S. is in danger of losing its identity, and 62 percent say America’s growing number of immigrants threaten the country’s culture. More than half say discrimination against whites has become just as problematic as discrimination against minorities,” said Green.

By “discrimination against whites,” she is referring to Jennings problem–for a lot of white Trump voters, the idea that they aren’t guaranteed a job just because of being white is discrimination. While yes, they’ve worked hard their entire lives, these White Americans are confronting competition, supposedly for the first times in their lives. And instead of getting better employees, they want Trump to make sure minorities are oppressed. The only thing missing is one of them calling for the reinstating of slavery.

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