Donald Trump Angrily Defends White Supremacist: Trump Trainwreck

During a press conference in Trump Tower, the president went on an angry defense of the racists who sparked riots that led to a terror attack and three deaths in Charlottesville , inaccurately blaming much of the violence on the “alt-left.”

Not only that, but Trump also defended the monuments to Confederate-era leaders — the people who went to war in an effort to maintain slavery in the United States — that are widely being taken down around the nation for glorifying the greatest stain on American history, but let’s digress.

Hours after his completely ridiculous remarks, Buzzfeed released a front page cover of Donald Trump and it’s pretty damn amazing.

It’s pretty obvious that Trump is not an honorable American. In his treason tower press conference, Trump comfortably stated his support of white supremists/nationalists, the KKK, and neo-nazis. Trump might as well have called himself a white supremacist. Trump was already the most unpopular president (his approval ratings are dropping by the minute) but the press conference today gave Americans ample reason to run him out of the White House for good.

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