Everyone Thinks Ivanka Trump Inherited Donald’s Mental Illness “Genes” After She Posted These Bizarre Tweets

IVANKA TRUMP HAS gotten her fair share of flack of her dad, President Donald Trump.

Source: DPA/PA Images

As of late, she’s been garnering a lot of attention herself on social media – first, for seemingly not knowing how to use the word ‘otherwise’.

Nobody is safe from a Twitter roasting. Not even the President’s daughter.

So when she uploaded this Tweet, people thought she was having her own ‘covfefe’ moment.

Did Ivanka just pocket-tweet?!

Sadly, no. The code in her tweet loosely translates to mean that “if a presidential memorandum is equal to signed, then coding will be available to all”.

The tweet was posted as Trump signed a memorandum instructing the Department of Education to make at least $200 million available annually to promote STEM and coding education.

But obviously, it’s more fun to pretend that it has something to do with her being a cyborg, right?

And then there’s all those rumours about Russia that people wanted to mention …

… Some even went as far as using her own joke to own her.

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