Ex CIA Director Warns Of ‘Great Danger’, Shreds Trump’s Threats To North Korea (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s incompetency and his trigger-happy threats to North Korea are making Americans all around the country frustrated and nervous about what will come next. As Trump continues to escalate the situation and create more tension with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un via his Twitter account, many experts are trying to warn the country about the severity of the situation.

Earlier today, the former director of the CIA and the NSA made an appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day’ to issue a blistering critique of Trump’s clumsy handling of a very fragile situation. In speaking with anchor Alisyn Camerota, retired General Michael Hayden told America that Trump’s “tough but imprecise” threats to North Korea are only going to lead to the situation escalating, putting people in “great danger.”

In his interview, Hayden commended Trump’s Defense Secretary, James Mattis, for doing what Trump clearly doesn’t know how to – be diplomatic. Commenting on Mattis’ strong statements yesterday, Hayden pointed out that Mattis had set clear boundaries around what the United States will or will not do – unlike Trump. Hayden warned that Trump is only making things worse with his Twitter threats. Hayden said that Mattis had issued “a very tough, but a very precise statement”, before trashing Trump:

“Which is a little bit different than some of the things the president has been allowing himself to say, Alisyn, which have been very tough, but very imprecise, and that could lead to great danger.”

You can watch Hayden give his professional opinion on Trump’s “imprecise” threats on North Korea below:

The Republican Party wanted to elect someone who has no experience and is as incompetent as they come. If Trump thrusts America into nuclear war, the GOP will be to blame.

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