John Kelly Finally Gives Up; Humiliates Trump In Front Of Melania & The Entire U.N.

In what might be the most poignant moment during President Donald Trump’s U.N. speech Tuesday morning, the reaction from people sitting in the audience was a telling sight. As Trump droned on with the now-too-common war rhetoric against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and newly declared enemy of democracy, Venezuela, the faces on U.N. members was very telling.

The most telling was the expression of exasperation on Trump’s own chief of staff, retired general John Kelly, who just placed his head in his palm almost as if he was saying he gives up.

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Even the look on his wife, Melania Trump’s face seems to say, “WTF is he saying?”

Many people have taken to Twitter to express their views on the speech and resultant audience reaction. From the feed of Dan Wilbur:

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Facepalms or totally bored and disbelieving stares seemed to be the order of the day, although some people just had incredulous expressions on their faces, as seen in this photo from Black Aziz Ansari:

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Judd Legum, from ThinkProgress, posted video of the speech where Trump labels Kim Jong-un “Rocket man” again, and pans to the audience to display the reactions of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, both of them appearing less than impressed.

According to Trump, major portions of the world are “going to hell:”

Trump calls Kim Jung Un “Rocket Man” in a speech to the United Nations.

This is real life.

Commentary from around the world is being heard — and the message is clear, as stated so bluntly in a Verified Politics article:

‘The faces of the world leaders watching told the story clearly enough: they no longer respect America. One face in particular though told a different tale.’

Verified Politics continued:

‘White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was photographed with his face in his hand, seemingly disgusted or shocked into disbelief by Trump’s disgraceful performance.’

Josh Billinson seemed to have the right idea in reading the state of the audience (and frankly we agree with the first comment — he won the internet today with this one):

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It would seem that the whole world feels the frustration of John Kelly in this moment. As he placed his face in his palm, you could almost feel sorry for him. He has the most difficult job in the world — babysitting an out-of-control world leader that is single-handedly alienating every U.S. ally and declaring enemies left and right.

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