Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump is going to resign

Two days ago we brought you the story of an inside source claiming that Donald Trump was in preliminary talks about resignation (link). Despite Palmer Report’s proven and consistent track record of being early to report to major stories (link), the report was met with some skepticism. But now others, including James Clapper and Keith Olbermann, are pointing to the same thing.

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Last night former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on-air on CNN and shared his view that Donald Trump is “looking for a way out” of the presidency. CNBC reporter John Harwood has also tweeted this: “prediction just in from top [Republican] strategist: Trump resigns once Mueller closes in on him and the family.” And now former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has posted a new online video in which he makes the definitive case that Trump is indeed going to resign.

Olbermann explained it thusly: “Trump’s last day in office will dawn like all the others, and then around dinner time it’ll suddenly break that he is about to resign.” (link). He added that he doesn’t know what the timetable will be. But he referenced Harwood’s tweet about Trump resigning once Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation begins targeting the Trump family directly. For reference, Mueller is still targeting Trump associates Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Felix Sater in order to get them to cut a deal and flip on Trump.

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So at this point former DNI James Clapper, CNBC reporter John Harwood, and Keith Olbermann all believe that Donald Trump is in the process of looking for a way out. We stand by our original reporting from two days ago, and as tends to be the case these with these matters, larger voices in political media and punditry are now saying roughly the same thing we said back on Monday.

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