Kellyanne Conway Snaps On Fox News, Melts Down Over Trump And Roy Moore (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway used to make lying for the president look so effortless, but it’s clear that being the counselor and mouthpiece for Donald Trump is taking its toll on her.

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Earlier today, Conway lost her temper on Trump’s favorite Fox News show when the hosts of Fox & Friendsmade the fatal mistake of bringing up Trump’s silence on the many sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore.

Host Ainsley Earhardt began questioning Conway by bringing up the fact that Trump’s daughter Ivanka had sided with the victims, yet her father has remained mostly silent about the accusations of Moore pursuing underage girls. Conway was notably frustrated as she said she was “the first person in the administration” to give a statement on behalf of the victims. Then, she defended Trump and completely deflected the question, as usual.

“He’s been very busy here working. I tried to make this an issue over a year ago on October 9, 2016, when I talked about, maybe when I was younger and prettier, folks on Capitol Hill behaving in such a way that we should take a look at it. Nobody wanted to listen to me because of the campaign I was managing.”

Co-host Steve Doocy tried to get Conway back on track and said:

“It sounds very clear that [Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)] would like perhaps Jeff Sessions to get out of his chair as the Attorney General and go back to his old chair in the U.S. Senate.”

Conway started to trip over here own words here, getting visibly flustered:

“That certainly has been raised. But again, the president will make a statement when he wants to make a statement. And none of us should get ahead of that.”

“I do find that the mainstream media want to talk about this issue more than almost anything else. And again, we’re not telling Americans what’s in the tax plan for them. If this is just going to be a war of soundbites then the tax plan will not be as successful.”

This all would lead up to Conway snapping at the Fox & Friends hosts as she said:

“I’m sorry. I think it’s incumbent upon everyone who has a role and a responsibility to inform people what’s going on on Capitol Hill to tell them what’s in this plan.”

You can watch Conway have a meltdown below, which all started because she had to defend Trump – again:

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