Melania Tells Donald Him To Go Screw Himself On Valentine’s Day


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Although Valentines Day’s is just another commercialized holiday, many couples still celebrate as though it’s the most romantic day of the year. It is unclear what the President and First Lady have planned for this day, but sources reveal that Melania would rather spend it at a children’s hospital than with Donald.

Melania is scheduled to meet children at the National Institutes of Health’s Children’s Inn, which is a nonprofit home for patients and their families partaking in pediatric research at the hospital located in Bethesda, Maryland.

Mrs. Trump will spend an afternoon decorating cookies and making valentines and exchanging them with children currently patients at NIH and a few of their family members,” the Office of the First Lady said in a statement Tuesday.

Its certainly possible that Melania will spend her entire day in Maryland, which means Trump has to spend his day of love like he spends every other day of the year — with his ego.

Melania and Trump’s relationship greatly differs from the Obamas’, most likely because Barack and Michelle actually love each other. And when was the last time you’ve seen Obama treat Michelle like a prop? Never. The lovebirds of nearly 28 years celebrated Valentine’s Day with some seriously sweet Twitter messages for each other. And yes, they still represent the pinnacle of relationship goals.

Looking at the body language between Melania and Trump, she absolutely despises him. And that was before the porn star affair came out. Many reacted to Melania’s Valentine’s Day plans on Twitter.

According to the White House, Trump supposedly has plans to spend Valentines Day in his WH residence enjoying a private dinner and a movie, but failed to mention whether or not Melania would actually be joining him. As expected, Twitter reacted to that as well:

For quite some time, Melania has been nothing but an object to her husband, so could you blame her for not wanting to spend this day with him? If anything, she should spend it with her son and the people who actually respect and care for her; she’s not going to receive that type of devoted love from a man who would rather have sex scandals with pornstars.


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