Melania And Donald Trump Possible Divorce??

Barely came to the position of head of communication of the White House, Anthony Scaramucci is confronted with family problems: “not fan of Trump” his wife would have left the marital home and asked for the divorce.

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According to the American site Page Six , the new head of communication of the White House Anthony Scaramucci would have left by his wife as soon as she would have learned the new work of her husband. “Truly not a fan of Trump” “Tired of the political ambitions of her husband,” according to sources of the people newspaper, the 38-year-old woman and mother of two children with Scaramucci, left the marital home and sent the papers of the divorce.


The 53-year-old financier had been married to Deirdre Ball since 2014. If the young woman seemed to love life in New York and Long Island, she did not seem to enjoy the special rhythm of everyday life in Washington. She had never supported her husband’s desire to work at the White House. The head of communication has only published a few words on the social network Twitter: “I can take the blows, but I would ask you to put my family in your thoughts and your prayers and nothing more. The family does not need to be involved in all this. Soon we will know in the media who has class and who does not. I do not comment any more. “

A situation that is reminiscent of the various reserves Melania Trump against new responsibilities of her husband and the rumors about the presidential couple .

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