Melania Trump Dumped Donald Over His Cheating Once: Considering A Second

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After Melania Trump saw Donald Trump’s ex girlfriend Kara Young leaving his Trump Tower apartment, she called off their relationship, according to new book titled The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game written by Ronald Kessler.

“This was within a few months of their meeting, which was in September 1998, and Melania was going to go with him to Mar-a-Lago on his plane and she went up to the apartment at Trump Towers and out walked Kara Young, the model, who had been dating Donald previously for almost 2 years,” Kessler explained to Us Weekly on Thursday, April 5. “And Melania broke up with him on the spot.”

“She didn’t care about the billions of dollars or the beautiful Mar-a-Lago or the beautiful apartment,” Kessler continued. “She just broke up with him and she ordered her clothes to be sent back from Mar-a-Lago, she called the butler Tony Senecal, and told him to send the clothes back. Within a week, Donald woo-ed her back, and sure enough she sent her clothes back to Mar-a-Lago, but that gives you a little insight into her character and of course Donald was impressed by that as well.”

Despite the alleged split, Melania and Donald wed in January 2005. They welcomed son Barron, now 12, in March 2006.

This is not the first time that the president has been accused of sketchy behavior during his relationship with Melania. As previously reported, porn star Stormy Daniels insisted that she had an affair with Donald in 2006, around the same time the pair welcomed Barron.

The White House has previously denied the alleged affair between Donald and Daniels.


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