New Melania Divorce Rumors From Family Sources After More Reports Of Current Donald Affair

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Clues are piling up and speculation growing that Melania Trump could be the first First Lady to divorce a sitting president.

Rumors of a split were batted down a week after the November 2016 election when Snopes found “no truth to this story, which originated with Now8News, a clickbait fake news site that masquerades as the online arm of a local television news outlet.”

Retired college professor Colleen O’Connor wrote in Times of San Diego that Melania recently hired new staff: a director of operations, a policy director and a communications coordinator.

“Yet she has not made a public statement since Jan. 12, when the Stormy Daniels news surfaced. And she was not spotted at recent dinners hosted by Trump,” O’Connor wrote.

Monday was the Trumps’ 13th wedding anniversary, and little or no affection was noted publicly.

Melania also claimed a “scheduling and logistics” excuse for canceling a trip with the president to Davos, Switzerland.

And Michael Wolff’s appearance on Bill Maher’s show added fuel to his “Fire and Fury” book’s hints that Trump is currently having a White House affair.

Communications chief Hope Hicks and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are the main objects of speculation.

You just have to read between the lines,” Wolff said after making a reference to Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress — Bill Clinton’s intern. “Now that I’ve told you, when you hit that paragraph, you’re gonna say bingo.”

Last June, a body language expert said the Trumps have no marital chemistry.

Hannah Golden, in, quoted Susan Constantine as saying: “I think she’s gotten to a place where, now, since he’s become president, that already inflated narcissistic personality is out of control. I think he’s not even somewhat available emotionally. He’s just off on his own and she’s kind of got her own world.”

Town and Country magazine even explored the logistics of a First Family divorce, involving a New York state prenuptial agreement.

“During his two previous divorces, Trump stuck mostly to the prenup; although Ivana Trump contested it, she reportedly got $14 million, a New York apartment, a Connecticut mansion, and Mar-a-Lago once a year, as well as $650,000 annually for alimony and child support,” the story said. “Marla Maples contested hers, too, and is said to have been awarded around $2 million.”

In July 2017, the experts-answer site Quora entertained the question: When will Melania divorce Donald Trump?

Ten answers were posted, but not with great consensus.

“Unlike Trump’s first two wives, one gets the sense that Melania is made of colder, tougher, more clear-eyed stuff,” wrote Robin R. Melz. “From day one, Melania has known the score.”

Robert Enders said: “He’s 71 years old and obese. There would be a bigger payoff if she just waits for nature to take its course.”

Signs of Melania splitting?

Divorce talk in the air amid bad news for Donald Trump

  1. I’m not so sure. Everyone has a tipping point & Melania might be thinking this is optimum time to split from him. Oh the irony if someone dismissed as irrelevant actually brought about his downfall.

  2. @FLOTUS Melania, divorce the guy. You now have legal reasons to do so. Get the money and run to Europe and be happy with your son. And, hey, you’re young, beautiful and rich. Plenty of fish in the sea for you.

  3. Imagine if you will Melania asking for a divorce, and Donald ends up deporting her because she’s here illegally!!

  1. No woman in this country wants a divorce more than Melania trump. Poor stupid bastard.

  2. Not only is trump going to prison but Melania is going to divorce him and TAKE EVERYTHING…..

  3. Do you think Melania will split from DT ?? Probably not. Right now. . . the money is still good. She’s no dummy. . plus I’m guessing she’s under . .contract to the TV host pretending to be Pres. YUCK. . !!

  4. I was going to tag Melania but I have a heart! and hope she’ll get the best divorce attorney money can buy.

  5. I wholly believe Melania was ready to dump Trump even before he wanted to be a dictator.
    She’s probably dying inside everyday she stays.
    She knew he was a cheater and freak when she married him though so I have little pity for her.
    Surely a divorce is coming after impeachment.

  6. Melania Trump needs to divorce Donald Trump, the internet has decided after reports that Donald had a year-long affair with porn star Stormy Daniels just after Melania gave birth to their son. 

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  7. Will Las Vegas be taking bets on; after Trump leaves office, how many day(s) till Melania files for divorce?

  8. Melania is no stranger to infidelity, I’m sure, but she’s faced w/2 cheating stories this month alone. Trump cheated on Melania w/a porn star Stormy Daniels & Michael Wolff told @billmaher that Trump’s having an affair w/in the White House. All indications point to Nikki Haley.

  9. We haven’t seen Melania lately. Has she split already? Not going to wait until the Trump gig is over?

  10. author indicates TRUMP is likely having an affair NOW, it’s likely either or . loses again, she aught to deliver divorce papers + just move on.

  11. Melania might be the only woman near the Vladministration who’s not schtupping Trump. If we find out Nikki Haley’s been spanking him with a rolled up copy of Siddhartha, the world must end. 

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