Sean Hannity Jumps In To Defend Trump’s Lies Once Again; This Is Pathetic

Trump loves Time Magazine – so much so that he has several fake Time covers featuring himself hanging all over his offices and resorts. On Friday, the president tweeted that he wasn’t interested in being honored the Person of the Year nomination by the magazine, which he has won the year prior.

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In his tweets, Trump said that he was “probably” going to be named “Person of the Year,” but he would be inconvenienced by a photo shoot and interview. Trump claims he “took a pass.”

Not only was he mocked on social media, but several former employees of the magazine also chipped in. Former managing editor Richard Stengel said that he is probably not going to be nominated “Person of the Year.” James Poniewozik is an American journalist and television critic who has worked for Time Magazine for 15 years. He said that it “doesn’t work this way,” and that the magazine actually interviews several possible candidates, and that subsequent photo shoots and interviews do not mean that a person has been picked. The current chief Content Officer also said that there is “not a speck of truth here” in Trump’s claims.

Here Comes Sean Hannity, Trump’s Manservant and Lackey

Fox News host Sean Hannity used colorful language to denounce Time Magazine’s claim that it hasn’t commented on picking Trump on being this year’s “Person of the Year.”

Hannity has perpetually attacked former President Obama, even commenting that the “lapdog, kiss ass media” enabled President Obama. These are allegations against “liberal media channels” that exists to cater to Democrats and foil Republicans.

Interestingly enough, Hannity is Trump’s lapdog, who has worked for a news network that has catered to liars, created its own lies, and are hell-bent on twisting facts to fit its narrative.

Stay tuned to see how else Hannity will defend Trump and his activities in the White House – or lack thereof.

I call total Bullshit on Time. Answer the question; did you or did you not call the WH and say @realDonaldTrump @POTUS was being considered for person of the year and ask for an interview? 

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