Trouble! ISIS Terror Fighter With ‘British’ Accent Threatens Donald Trump

A young man has been caught on camera apparently speaking with a British accent has warned of a wave of new terror attacks on Italy and Turkey.
He talks directly to the camera as he warns that people will be slaughtered in their own homes.
According to Metro UK, It is believed that the footage was shot in Raqqa, Daesh’s so-called capital city which is in Syria and has been under the terror group’s control for some time.
He says: ‘This is a message to the new pharaoh of today, Donald Trump!
‘You might have your eyes on Raqqa and Mosul but we have our eyes on Constantinople and Rome.’
‘Bi Idhn Allah, Bi Idhn Allah [with Allah’s permission]. We will slaughter you in your own houses.’
He then turns away to shoot his gun while shouting ‘Allahu akhbar’.
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are on the verge of seizing full control of the southern neighbourhoods of Islamic State-held Raqqa, a Kurdish official said on Tuesday.

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