Trump Caught Posting Fake News During Second Delusional Tweet-Storm Of Tuesday

The Republicans’ struggle to make their health plan law continues on Tuesday, with the Senate set to vote on a “Motion to Proceed,” opening the door to an eventual vote on a GOP health care bill. Of course, calling it a “health care bill” is short sighted at best, since all of the only slightly different versions of the GOP’s plans have been found by the Congressional Budget Office to stand to strip tens of millions of people of their health coverage should they be enacted as law. TrumpCare might as well be called an “anti-health care bill.”

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Even still, the president is  standing behind the measure, no matter how dark of a shadow it casts over the nation’s health care system and over the lives of tens of millions of Americans. His support of the measure has always been birthed out of a desire to stick it to Obama as much as it has been to actually provide health care to people.

Ahead of the Tuesday Senate vote on the MTP, Trump fired off yet another series of tweets trying to drum up support for the measure. Most recently, he tweeted a video of some recent remarks of his on the subject, in which he calls the ACA the work of a “small group of politicians and special interests in Washington.”

Watch it below.

What he doesn’t acknowledge is that yes, Democrats have acknowledged that there are issues with the ACA, and yes, they are willing to work to fix those issues. Some of those issues are pretty much the Republicans’ fault to begin with, since they kept the full “public option” from ever going into effect when the law was passed.

Neither does he acknowledge that the ACA, for as evil as he makes it out to be, has provided health coverage to tens of millions of people who wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Instead, Trump simply sticks to trying to force Senators into supporting his administration’s health care measure, saying, over a backdrop of fast paced classical music:

‘Any Senator who votes against starting debate is telling America that you are fine with the ObamaCare nightmare. To every member of the Senate I say this: the American people have waited long enough.’

Trump, shortly after tweeting this video, posted a message — featured below — taking credit for the job growth that got its start under Obama.

Check out Twitter’s thoughts below.

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