Trump Embarrasses Himself At Cabinet Meeting; Can Barely Read His Script (VIDEO)

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A video has been released of President Trump struggling through a heavily scripted press conference based on new tax reform. The alleged president’s mental health has been a cause for concern for White House insiders who rarely let him loose without a script due to the nature of his blunders

The incoherent ramblings clearly show that Trump is struggling. As a man in his 70’s it’s clear that his age is beginning to catch up with him and increasingly it’s becoming an issue.

During the presidential campaign Trump fired shots at his rival Hillary Clinton when it emerged that she had medical problems, though she was given a clean bill of health. It now appears that it is actually Trump himself who may not be healthy. A series of oddball interviews have only confirmed the fears of many that Trump is struggling.

It may be that the hectic workload of power and the constant pressure over worries about his future and links with Russia may be to blame. He has had to constantly fight off the accusations and it appears that they’re taking a toll. The worries are also around his family members, who one by one are being shown to have links with Moscow and it is surely only a matter of time before Trump himself is implicated.

It is not known how long the presidency can continue at this rate, but there surely must be pressure to relieve Trump of some of the day to day pressure of which he clearly cannot handle. His 2nd in command VP Pence must be rubbing his hands together at the idea that his controversial boss may not make it to 2020 in the role. He himself may now get the chance to salvage the remainder of this presidency before it’s a total write-off.


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