Trump Extending Vacation Says White House, Not Returning To Work As Promised

The faithful journalists recorded it. The cameras captured it. President Donald Trump officially broke another promise to the American people…and he’s flaunting it for the 5th day in a row.

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As Twitter users know, Trump promised that he would “get back to work” as soon as Christmas was over:

“I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, then tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again (which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)!” read the President’s Christmas Day tweet.

Since then, the President has greeted celebrities, vacationed, played rounds of golf and given one interview to the New York Times. 

As was reported on Twitter today:

Do hasty briefings on the golf course and impromptu interviews count as “work?” Well, maybe enough for Trump to skirt around another row with GOP party faithful. But 45’s vaunted NYT interview actually makes his broken “back to work” promise even more egregious.

Why? Because according to multiple reports, Trump was not “working” when he spoke to Maggie Haberman and the collected group of reporters. At least not in the sense of serving the people, or even his own White House.

General Kelly and the White House staff were not pleased with the interview, or Trump’s taking it without any aides or senior advisors present, according to The Hill:

Various White House officials were taken off guard and frustrated by President Trump’s impromptu Florida interview with The New York Times, according to Friday report from The Washington Post. The Post said that Times reporter Michael Schmidt gained access to the president at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday after club member Christopher Ruddy introduced the president and the reporter.

No aides were present during the on-the-record session. The newspaper quoted one official who was not aware of the interview, which was posted on Thursday evening, as asking, “What interview? Today?” Another official was reportedly irked the sit-down took place and referred to it as “embarrassing.”

So Trump wasn’t really working – he was taking a vanity interview with a publication he wishes would love him more.

45 is also rubbing it in on the golf course, taking the links with the Coast Guard on Friday in a move obviously-timed to embarrass CNN more than spend quality time with public safety officers.

The POTUS actually made a perfect symbolic gesture on the course, without realizing it. Here’s The Donald lying to the patrons, telling them he made a birdie (it was actually a triple bogey, or 3 over par):

If Trump ever had an honest bone in his body, he probably broke it swinging a golf club.

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