Trump Goes TOO Far In Latest Meltdown, Attacks John McCain As He Fights Brain Cancer (TWEET)

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Donald Trump began his Saturday in a particularly repulsive, unhinged mood. Not only did the disgraced President of the United States begin his day by attacking athletes for not wanting to come visit him at the White House, but he attacked a prominent fellow Republican in such a horrible way that he’s sure to make more enemies in the GOP.

Early this morning, Trump reached new lows as he bashed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for publicly opposing the GOP’s latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. Meanwhile, as Trump continues being petty and an all around disgusting human being, McCain is fighting for his life in a battle with brain cancer. Trump spewed:

“John McCain never had any intention of voting for this Bill, which his Governor loves. He campaigned on Repeal & Replace. Let Arizona down! Arizona had a 116% increase in ObamaCare premiums last year, with deductibles very high. Chuck Schumer sold John McCain a bill of goods. Sad. Large Block Grants to States is a good thing to do. Better control & management. Great for Arizona. McCain let his best friend L.G. down!”

It truly takes a despicable human being to write something like that. Just when you think Trump couldn’t get any more offensive, he always manages to outdo himself. If only he could apply that same amount of dedication and focus to actually doing his job, then maybe he wouldn’t have such a pathetically low approval rating.

Trump’s tendency to be self-centered and ego-driven couldn’t have been more clear than from these three tweets. Trump clearly only cares about “winning” and making himself look good – and he will stoop as low as an attack on a very ill, highly respected politician to do it. The GOP was already unhappy with Trump – and this will only make the party distance itself from him more.

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