Trump Just Gave His Buddies At Fox News An Award And It’s Ridiculous

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President Donald Trump has a deep relationship with Fox and Friends, with the president habitually tagging them on Twitter. He watches them so much that he has now praised the show after a news site noted that the network is “most influential” — simply because the president watches it. On Thursday morning, President Trump tweeted “Was @foxandfriends just named the most influential show in news?” and adding that the three hosts — Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade — “deserve it.” Forever on his “fake news” spiel, the president also quipped that “fake news” should follow their formula for success.

Mediaite was the website that has crowned Fox and Friends as an influential show because they have managed to catch the attention of the president. It’s an opinion blog that covers politics and entertainment as it intersects the media industry, frequently from a right-wing viewpoint. Founded by Dan Abrams, a web entrepreneur and the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC and analyst for NBC news, Abrams’ website stated that President Trump “regularly starts his day watching Fox & Friends and then tweets about whatever they cover, and however, they cover it.” Mediaite also added that the three hosts are the most “influential media people in the entire world.

Fox and Friends is President Trump’s Safe Space

President Trump has abysmal approval ratings, and the Republican Party that he represents has been hollowed out by his public lunacy and his administration’s self-interests. Red states have been flipping to Democrat, Republicans are losing seats in positions of power, and the president’s approval rating in the first eleven months has been the lowest of any sitting president in modern history — and the ratings have barely crept out of that black hole.

Fox News network has buckled down and has become a lapdog for the president, covering his lies and attempting to influence public opinion about the president even when he does things that are against the interest of the American people.

There is no safe space like Fox News when it comes to Trump – since taking office, he has sat down with the news network for more than a dozen interviews, largely avoiding other outlets that my dare criticize and trigger him.

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But the entire story of Trump’s self-congratulatory behavior is told in the way he tweets. Even when “complimenting” someone else, it seems more like a pre-emptive “you’re welcome” for allowing them to share oxygen with him:

Was @foxandfriends just named the most influential show in news? You deserve it – three great people! The many Fake News Hate Shows should study your formula for success!

Mr. President, you miss the point of news. It is supposed to inform, not influence.

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