Trump Just REALLY Messed Up On Twitter, Praises One Of His Haters (TWEET)

We all know that Donald Trump does not think before he tweets. If he would just stop and pause for a few seconds before he spewed his nonsense on Twitter, America wouldn’t be in half the predicaments it’s in.

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This morning, Trump’s hasty tweeting resulted in embarrassment for the disgraceful POTUS. It should have been a normal tweet wishing someone a happy birthday, which wouldn’t have been strange at all considering that Trump uses Twitter to make all kinds of unpresidential announcements. However, this tweet immediately backfired on Trump when he accidentally said “Happy Birthday” to someone who hates him instead. Here’s his tweet:

“Happy birthday to the great @leegreenwood83. You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. Make America Great Again!”

It should have been a tweet for Lee Greenwood, the man behind the patriotic song “God Bless the USA.” Unfortunately, thanks to Trump’s inability to research or think basic things through, Trump wished Happy Birthday to the wrong Lee Greenwood. That tweet went to @leegreenwood83, instead  of @TheLeeGreenwood – and the hilarious thing is that @leegreenwood83 HATES Trump with a passion!

The Lee Greenwood that Trump wished a Happy Birthday to is a New York “lawyer focused on Washington DC sports” and VERY anti-Trump. This Lee Greenwood, according to his Twitter profile, regularly attends pro-Muslim marches, shares tweets from Rachel Maddow, and makes fun of Trump all the time.

This, of course, could have been avoided if Trump had taken a second to check his tweet before posting – but we all know he doesn’t do that. We can only imagine how much @LeeGreenwood83 is laughing about all of this, while Trump hangs his head in embarrassment (and probably tries to delete his tweet). Good going, Trump!

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