Trump Loses Grip On Reality, Unleashes Bizarre Rant (VIDEO)

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Last night at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, Donald Trump not only further solidified that fact that he is psychotic, but that he is so immature and childish that he can’t stay focused on his own speeches.

Trump was supposed to be promoting his new latest GOP hero, pedophile and racist Senate candidate Roy Moore at this rally. But instead of staying on message and sticking to his script, Trump went off on a completely bizarre rant to randomly bring up Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Proving that his mental state is disintegrating at a frightening speed, Trump reignited his feud with the former governor of California, who had taken over Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice, earlier this year. Schwarzenegger and Trump had been exchanging insults for quite some time on social media, but things had been pretty quiet between the two as of late – that is, until Trump decided to open the floodgates again.

Trump was actually discussing his “accomplishments” in reforming the VA and speaking about how “corrupt and incompetent employees” will now be held responsible because “we got it done.” Trump bragged:

“You couldn’t fire anybody at the VA! Now, we look at ’em. They’re no good. We say, ‘You’re fired! Get outta here!’”

Trump’s gullible supporters ate this up, encouraging Trump to get off task and bring up a completely unrelated and unnecessary jab at Schwarzenegger. Trump babbled:

“And I must tell you, I can’t believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger bombed so badly on The Apprentice, my poor beautiful show. Oh, it was so successful. Get a big movie star and he can’t pull it off.”

The audience could barely recover from this unexpected “WTF” moment before Trump once again changed the subject and started talking about “respecting America’s heroes” and “rebuilding America’s standing all over the world.”

You can watch this bizarre moment below:

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