Trump Makes Awkward Sex Joke During Wednesday Speech To Kids (VIDEO)

President Trump already stirred up controversy when he spoke before the Boy Scouts Jamboree this week and delivered a highly politicized speech that tried to force his favorite virulent, hyper-political talking points on those present.

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On Wednesday, Trump spoke yet again in front of a young people’s group, positioning himself yet again to stir up controversy. This time around, the president shied away from giving those present a campaign speech, but he still slipped in plenty of self-congratulatory points. He also made a number of bizarre, possibly inappropriate jokes to those present.

Trump’s Wednesday remarks were delivered to the combined members of the American Legion Boys and Auxiliary Girls Nation, who were in Washington, D.C., this week for mock law-making events.

Trump led off his remarks by saying:

‘For decades, the American Legion has brought the best and brightest to the White House. This has taken place over many years. Each of you were chosen out of the many thousands of people… — you’re all really happy that you’re here, right?’

He continued by alternating between nonsense and disturbing nationalism, saying to those young people present:

‘You represent your state and that’s a very important element, too, and a very important factor in getting here… That’s something we all have in common, right? We love our country, right?… You’re all united by your total devotion to our great American flag, our freedom, and our principles that bind us together.’

Through the course of his remarks, he “joked” about an elderly American Legion volunteer leader “going down” on his way up to the front, and he “joked” about the fact that he was born in the same year that the first D.C. meeting of the American Legion Boys and Auxiliary Girls Nation was held. He even got in a quip about what a “pretty amazing moment” it was when he was elected president.

He ended by making yet another “joke,” saying, to a round of cheers:

‘Take great care of your parents, because we love your parents. You probably wouldn’t be here without your parents.’

Obviously the people present wouldn’t be there without their parents, Trump. What is this, high school where we make dumb sex jokes?

Check out the video for yourself of Trump’s remarks below. Before the belligerent businessman ever won the presidency, there was lots of talk about how poor of a role model he would be for American young people, but that argument evidently wasn’t enough to sway certain segments of voters.

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