Trump Struggles With Teleprompter During Friday Speech….Ever See A Old Man With Dementia That Can’t Read?

Most of us have known from the beginning that Donald Trump’s mastery of the English language is, shall we say, sub-par. His speeches are generally given at a third-grade reading level, and if you read the transcript of many of his statements, it doesn’t actually make sense. He gives translators fits because of this.

Well, apparently he’s getting worse, not better. Either that or he’s been drinking while trying to read the teleprompter. During a recent excuse-making press statement, Trump said, with glazed eyes,

‘And the response and recovery effort probably has never been seen for something like this. This is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.’
Actually, Trump, you may be shocked to know that every island is surrounded by “big water.” That’s sort of how they work. And it follows that every disaster ever on an island has seen a “response like this,” i.e., across “big water.” Maybe you should stop drinking before speeches? Then again, it could be dementia.

Trump’s administration is failing mightily in addressing this issue, which is already being called “Trump’s Katrina.” The federal response was slow and insufficient, and continues to face logistics and distribution issues.

Twitter users immediately roasted the White House occupant for this nugget of wisdom:

This is beyond embarrassing. The bar for being a halfway decent president should be disaster response, and Trump can’t even do that right. Then, when he’s bragging about failing, he sounds like an imbecile and clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. Yet again, Trump has demonstrated that he is completely and utterly unfit for the office he holds.

Even more troubling is his constant insinuation that “debt” owed by Puerto Rico has any relevance to the current situation at all. He says “the government of Puerto Rico,” as though it is not a US territory. There is no point at which it would be considered acceptable to list the debt of an American community before helping them. Can you imagine if he had brought that up with Texas, or Florida? What he’s really doing is attempting to give the few racist supporters who back him no matter what a “valid” reason for not hating him for his response to this humanitarian disaster. He’s trying to give them an out so that his mishandling of this is somehow palatable.

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