Trump Tweets Completely Fake Afternoon DACA Message & The Internet Is Making Him Pay

Today, Donald Trump officially announced that his administration would end the DACA program with a six-month delay. This Obama-era program provided protection for immigrants who were brought to the United States as children and have since grown up in the country. Trump has said that the delay was intended to give Congress time to act, though it is unclear what Congress intends to do on this matter as even many within the GOP are opposed to deporting the Dreamers.

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In a recent Tweet, Trump called upon both parties to pass an immigration bill which “puts hardworking citizens of our country first.” Of course, Trump’s statement is bound to raise issues. While the Dreamers are not citizens, they are hardworking members of our communities and many support a path to citizenship for them. Beyond that, Trump’s calls for bipartisanship ring hollow considering how often he has attacked Democrats.

Trump’s tweet earned many replies. The majority of them called upon Trump to rescind his policy regarding the DACA and work to protect those who have grown up and lived their lives in this country.

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