Trump Wants You To Buy His Face In Bronze — Yes, Seriously (IMAGES)

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t get more into himself, he goes and puts himself on a bronze medal and is trying to sell it to his fan base.


That’s right, Trump wants you to buy a bronze version of his face to have in your home. Not only that, all the profits go towards Trump’s campaign which, in turn, gets funneled into Trump businesses.

Here’s the medal:

His new nickname should be Trump Jong Un. Trump’s behavior is getting more and more indicative of why he actually wanted to be president — to be president. No, not to lead or effect positive change, but rather to win. To be glorified. To be deified in the eyes of so many of his supporters.

When someone names everything they do after themselves, and markets that brand on himself, and even has their company stock exchange letters be their initials (DJT), they should just look in the mirror and marry themselves because that’s all they ever want to be with.

Hopefully, those coins will be absolutely worthless soon and Mueller will make sure Trump is either forced to resign, is impeached, or perhaps arrested.

We’ll know more in the coming weeks and months.

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