Trump Will Throw Melania And Ivanka Under The Bus To Save Himself Even If it Means Prison

We know that Trump is a heartless, insensitive person who has no business being in the White House. As Robert Muller’s investigation expands to include the criminal president’s family members, he is fast losing patience.

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Trump’s former co-author for the book, Trump: Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz, said that he wouldn’t be surprised if selfish Trump sacrifices his family members to save himself.

Speaking at the University of Michigan on Sunday, Schwartz said that Trump’s 3 oldest children are suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome.” They are involved in their father’s crime and might take the blame to protect the evil president.

The event was attended by WYNC’s Beth Fertig, who tweeted:



Beth Fertig 


Trump’s need for attention is like ‘an addiction,’ says @tonyschwartz and it’s what makes him so scary @DailyAlumni

We won’t be surprised if Trump forces his family members to rot in jail instead of him.