Trump’s Boycott Backfires…Red Hen Restaurant Soars After Kicking Out Sarah Sanders

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Donald Trump and his administration were perfectly fine when they were creating policies that discriminated against minorities and tore families apart, but when the tables turned on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, their racist snowflake asses were triggered.

The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia made waves several weeks ago when the owner kicked Huckabee Sanders out. The press secretary whined about the incident on Twitter, and soon the entire Trump administration (including the president himself) was railing against the restaurant, up in arms that they were being discriminated against for once. But if Trump and Huckabee Sanders felt that their calls to boycott the restaurant would actually work, they just received some really bad news.

Red Hen has been closed for the last two weeks, but that doesn’t mean that the Trump administration won or that the restaurant is in trouble. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Red Hen just opened back up on Thursday, and on its first night of business the restaurant was totally packed and was only accepting reservations. Apparently, America has spoken and the act of standing up to Trump’s policies and corrupt minions is being fully embraced. There was only a small group of protesters, which paled in comparison to the support the restaurant is receiving.

The Trump administration has yet to accept how unpopular their views of what America should be are. The majority of us are still opposed to and disgusted by this president and refuse to engage in his horrific vision for the country and world. The Trump administration will be furious about this, but hopefully it shows them where the majority of America is standing. We’re glad to see that true courage is still being rewarded in this turbulent time in America, sending a strong signal to the cowards in the White House.


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