Trump’s Chances Of Being Impeached Just Got A LOT Stronger, Presidency In Free Fall (DETAILS)

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Here’s some news that will make the majority of Americans (who did NOT vote for Donald Trump) happy: there is now concrete evidence that Trump is guilty of an impeachable offense.

Recently, documents have been uncovered that show a government agency using taxpayer dollars to pay Trump with a stay at one of his resorts. This will probably make Trump wish he’d cut ties with his businesses after all! The group Property of the People reported:

The White House National Security Council (NSC) paid over $1,000 for an unidentified guest to stay two nights at Donald Trump’s luxury resort Mar-a-Lago, according to an invoice obtained by transparency group Property of the People via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. This payment, made with a U.S. government charge card, constitutes the first documented violation by President Trump of the Constitution’s Domestic Emoluments Clause. President Trump owns 99.99% of Mar-a-Lago, LLC directly, and the company’s profits are held in a revocable trust from which Trump may withdraw funds without restriction.

Amazing. Americans have long been calling on Trump to put his conflicts of interest to rest, and he has refused to do so despite promising originally that he would once he became POTUS. Now, it’s coming back to haunt him.

This document and several others were obtained thanks to a FOIA request that Property of the People had put forth as part of their Operation 45, a project to shed transparency on the Trump administration. The group said:

The NSC invoice is the strongest evidence uncovered to date that Trump’s refusal to divest from his business empire has resulted in Trump’s violation of the Constitution’s anti-corruption Domestic Emoluments Clause. This provision prohibits the President from receiving emoluments (profitable payments, benefits, or advantages) paid by federal or state governments, beyond the salary approved by Congress.

Trump will likely blame someone else for this, but it’s no one’s fault but his own. He had been warned several times against remaining involved in his businesses, and now he’s finally paying the price.

Most of us had suspicions that Trump was using taxpayer money to line his wallet – and this is the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for. Trump is a vile human being and ought to be impeached. Now, concrete proof is finally emerging.