Trump’s Fake Secretive Vacation Freaking People Out – W.H. Response Extremely Bizarre

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What is Donald Trump really doing on his time away from the White House? He called it a “working vacation,” but what does that mean? We know that he said he was spending 17 days at his summer White House New Jersey golf club. That brings up another question, will he have a fall White House and a spring White House, too?

The Donald tried to tweet his way toward explaining what his “working vacation” meant:

‘Working hard from New Jersey while White House goes through long planned (sic) renovation. Going to New York next week for more meetings.’

What? Apparently, the president wanted us to believe that he had to go on vacation due to the renovations back in D.C. The workers just kicked him out of town, doubtful. Then, there are his New York meetings, but with whom?  His tailor? His hair stylist? The king of Jordan?

As the beginning of the Senate’s August recess drew closer, much of the…

Trump’s staff has been working hard preparing public announcements and statements. They want us to believe that the man not in the Oval Office has been working himself into a lather. Of course, other presidents’ vacations have been working vacations, too. Maybe, the president’s staff just wants us to believe that he can keep up with his predecessors.

What we do know is that Trump, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner arrived together at his New Jersey club. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and other aides tagged along. Then, 45 disappeared. No one has seen him since he arrived.

Rumor has it that he crashed a wedding party. Does that fall under “meetings?” It rained Monday, so it was unlikely that the president was golfing. Other presidents brought along stacks of books, but Trump does not like to read. President Bush was into physical activities involving chain saws, but this president does not like to get physical.

Maybe, Trump will take a page from his BFF, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian president is fishing half-naked in Siberia. Then again, maybe it is better if Trump stays clothed.

We do know from his tweets that 45 watched TV, because the president ranted about the “Fake News Media.” He tweeted that he wanted more credit for what he has not accomplished in his first 200 days and about sanctions against North Korea.

Altogether, Trump fired off 13 tweets before he went to dinner, in New Jersey we assume.

Check out what Stephen Colbert thinks Trump is doing on his vacation in the video below, available via YouTube:

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