Trump’s New Message To Puerto Rico Proves That He Must Be Impeached (TWEETS)

While San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz was physically providing disaster relief to Puerto Rico and saving the lives of the people that the President of the Unites States has abandoned, Donald Trump spent his entire morning trashing her in a disgusting Twitter meltdown. It was clear after that incident that Trump has no business being POTUS, but he decided to give Americans even more reason to boot him out a few hours later.

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Proving that Trump has done nothing but sit on his ass with his phone all day, Trump released another tweetstorm which was full of self-congratulatory tweets for doing an “amazing job”, even though he’s done nothing to earn it.

In his latest Twitter spew, Trump praised the governor of Puerto Rico as well as other officials and tried to take himself off the hot seat by attacking the media. Here’s how that went:

With every tweet, Trump just continues to get more vile. There are so many things wrong with this, it’s hard to know where to even begin. Trump literally called for unity just hours after insulting an official that was actually on the ground, helping her people. By blaming the media, Trump is trying to create distrust with the American people and trying to save his disastrous reputation. He is doing everything he can to hide the fact that he has abandoned and turned his back on the people of Puerto Rico, and that people are dying because of his negligence.

His Twitter habit has once again exposed what a sociopath he is. Instead of going to Puerto Rico immediately to help, Trump jetted off to play golf and tweet while at his resort in New Jersey. Trump deserves no praise, and he doesn’t deserve to be called POTUS.

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