White House Freaking Out As Trump Has Insane Unhinged Episode

While most of what Donald Trump does on a daily basis is deeply concerning to the future of our country, his unhinged behavior tends to become more of a threat with time. Recently, sources inside and outside of the White House have been sounding the alarm on a very disturbing Trump activity that seems to be developing more and more.

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Trump has been using his personal cell phone to talk to advisors outside the White House – so that he can hide his bad behavior from his own Chief of Staff, John Kelly. By using his cell phone, Trump can go behind Kelly’s back – a secretive habit Trump has created because “he doesn’t want Kelly to know who he’s talking to.”

While that’s extremely childish and infuriating enough, the more important issue is the national security risk this exposes America to. We all know that Trump is deadly and careless when left to his own devices. He needs to be checked on constantly, and Kelly has done his best to keep Trump under his thumb and to scale back the chaos his infantile boss creates. Kelly was originally listening to Trump’s conversation when he first came on the Trump administration, but it seems that Trump has taken to secrecy now that the tension between the two men has increased.

With Trump using his personal cell phone instead of the White House phone or a cell phone set up with security measures, anyone could listen in on his conversations. Trump’s carelessness makes America extremely vulnerable, and if his reckless behavior isn’t stopped the danger will only grow. You can watch a report on Trump’s terrifying new habit below, via CNN:


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